Macarthur Girls High School


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Caring for students

Macarthur Girls High School is a caring educational community which supports the learning of all students. We embrace collaborative and active participation which builds a purposeful, rich environment for personal excellence in student learning and student achievement providing a holistic wellbeing structure.

Student wellbeing overview

The Student Wellbeing Program is implemented across the school. MGHS is a place where every student can learn and grow with confidence. Students develop best in schools where teaching and learning occur in the context of student wellbeing.

  • Student wellbeing encompasses everything that the school community does to meet the personal and social needs of students and enhance their well-being. It involves recognising, evaluating, and developing each student as a total and unique person in the context of society.
  • An essential part of student wellbeing is to develop self-discipline which guides students in developing appropriate behaviour and dealing with unacceptable behaviour. It encompasses the concept of respect for the self and others to learn in a mutually respectful environment.
  • Student wellbeing Program at Macarthur Girls High School aims to help its students to develop enjoyment from learning, communication skills, socially acceptable values, responsibility, and dignity, and a sense of worth and self-reliance. Students feel proud of their cultural identity and caring and understanding attitude towards other.
  • Students are provided with opportunities beyond the classroom to
    • Lead others 
    • Communicate 
    • Develop positive relationships 
    • Recognize and value cultural differences 
    • Care and support other people and Serve the community
  • Student wellbeing is therefore the result of teachers, parents, and caregivers, and students working together for the benefit of students.
  • Our wellbeing Team is committed to continuous improvement of the school, its teachers, its student success, and its environment. Our wellbeing team exists to assist with the creation of an environment in which the school's goals and high expectations can be achieved. 

For more information on student wellbeing at MGHS, please click below, log in to the student or parent Sentral portal or contact the school.