Macarthur Girls High School


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About our school

Macarthur Girls High School is situated on the Parramatta River next to Parramatta City. The school was founded in 1934 on a parcel of land which was part of the second oldest land grant in Australia.

The land was given to William Reid, a sailor on the Sirius, the first ship of the First Fleet to enter Sydney Harbour in 1788. The land was later given to the Reverend Samuel Marsden who built the stately home, Newlands, on this site. The school was built in 1934 with later additions in 1955 and 1975.

Our purpose is to encourage and empower students to achieve their potential, to be confident and competent users of technology with a positive yet critical attitude towards future developments.

We offer students a curriculum directed towards the Higher School Certificate with a combination of traditional and Vocational Education courses, ensuring that the needs and interests of all students are well met. Across all of these courses the development and application of computer and other technologies are integrated.