Macarthur Girls High School


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Our Pride Values

A Macarthur girl every day, every week, every term puts Pride values into practice. 


  • participates in class
  • joins in social activities in the school
  • participates in concerts, camps and other extra-curricular activities
  • joins school teams or groups
  • becomes involved with activities that support the community 


  • acts with honesty, truth and honour
  • displays actions that match her words; does what she says she will do
  • follows school values and rules
  • has trust in others
  • understands and accepts consequences for inappropriate actions
  • acknowledges sources of published work 


  • tries to achieve her absolute best in everything she does
  • takes advantage of high quality teaching and well prepared lessons to reach her potential
  • takes pride in the way she presents herself
  • is considerate and supportive of others while she is learning 


  • treats everyone as she would like to be treated herself
  • models respect in her dealings with others
  • is considerate of others and accepting that everyone has different strengths and abilities
  • does not bully others
  • obeys school rules
  • recognises that teachers have the right to tell students to follow instructions that support school values 


  • celebrates multiculturalism
  • acts in ways that are not racist
  • learns about and respects other cultures
  • has empathy for the different beliefs of others
  • acknowledges and accepts individual differences 


  • takes pride in our school
  • wears the school uniform correctly
  • takes pride in her work
  • enjoys being recognised for academic, arts, sporting and community achievements
  • respects the school environment by keeping it clean and attractive